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Groove pitch of CPV lens is upside down to prevent contamination from dust and other outdoor conditions. CPV Fresnel lenses are 50~ 100% thicker than common Fresnel lenses. Also Groove pitch is wider for high efficiency.

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This design uses more 3mm Optical PMMA for longer life time and to have 0.5 ~ 1.0mm groove pitch for higher solar concentration. (If groove pitch is density, then quality of image that is maginifed is clearer. If groove pitch is width, then efficiency of concentration of light is higher.)

Focal length(mm):  350
Groove Pitch(mm):  1
Length(mm):  340
Material: Poly visiable(UV cut)
Thickness(mm): 5
Width(mm): 340

CP350-330C(CPV, F=350MM)